3D Drukas Materiālu 1500g Polymorph Mouldable Plastmasas Granulām, Termoplastiska Polycaprolactone PCL Printera Drukas Materiālu
€26.35 €24.24
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Punkts: 60 °

Katrs iepakojums satur 1,5 kg

  • Iestatīt Tipu: No
  • Modeļa Numurs: 1500g
  • Veids, Vairumtirdzniecība: No
  • Materiāls: polymorph

Tagi: aproce shui, plastmasas polymorph, automātiskais plastmasas granulām, , granulu prese, flsun, anet a6 jauda, 8x8 rc kravas automašīnas, thermoplast, nagu nagu, 3d printeri, alumīnija rāmis.

Stas Marshalko
On the quality of actually ordinary thermoplastic, but I want to note a good work of the seller, bought with a coupon 20/20, and the first parcel wrapped at customs and returned to the seller, what a problem I did not know but like this, but the seller contacted me and asked if to resend, And sent after I confirmed waiting for the resend, and they could just close the order and return the money and a small coupon turned out to be burned just like this, in general, the seller was excellent in this situation, I'm happy.
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