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Pasaules čempis

Monday, March 9th, 2020

Ziņa no Mikko!

World Championships of ProPilkki will be played during April. I will inform more about the important dates soon. Rules will be the same (or minor changes) than always has been. Team Captains may start registration immediately (if you do not have account to kalassanet forum, please use this thread, private message or email).

Registration will end at 9th of April 23.59 time of Finland.
Qualification round will be played at Sunday 19th of April.
Final round will be played at Sunday 26th of April.
Matches will be 4x 30 minutes. Games start at 19.00 time of Finland. Hosts wíll open at 18.30.

Please follow this thread for more information:


Team Latvia (outfit Nr 28)

vikmars (C)





figaro5903 (A)


We are the champions!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Latvija- 49
Krievija- 44
Ukraina- 35
Polija- 32

Mūsējie ir malači!!! Mūsējie ir 2012.gada pasaules čempioni Propilkki 2 !!!